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Running Oracle database inside Amazon Cloud

April 5, 2011

Lots of people talk about cloud nowadays. Working with Oracle databases for about 9 years, I wanted to see how Oracle database would work inside Amazon Web Services cloud and how to get this running from the scratch.

During the next days I will post some experiences and stumbling blocks and other howto related stuff:

  • How to appropriately set up your AWS account and environment: Step 1
  • Amazon Cloud Basics for Oracle DBAs: Step 2
  • How to create an Oracle instance: Step 3
  • How to access my Oracle instance in the cloud (SSH, RDP, File Transfer, Listener, SQL*Plus): Step 4
  • How to do some very useful automation / scripting
  • How about performance in the cloud?
  • How to do backups inside the cloud or into the cloud


Please feel free to comment!


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